Sperry x Sneaker Freaker


We’ve been designing shoes to send to sea since our intrepid founder Paul Sperry designed his first pair of boat shoes in 1935. This season, we’ve partnered with the Australia-based magazine Sneaker Freaker to recap our 80+ year history.



“Every era has its share of pioneers and mavericks, but there are only a select few who manage to personally define an entire lifestyle through their work. Paul Sperry is one such individual. He invented the non-slip sole that was the foundation for the boat shoe. The company he founded in his own name, Sperry Top-Sider, expanded the horizons of sailing, perfecting the art of preppy fashion at the same time. Over the last 80 years, Sperry has grown from the simplest of ideas to one of the world’s most understated footwear brands. Time to take a step back as we look at the origins of this quirky company.” (via Sneaker Freaker)


To read the full article from Sneaker Freaker click HERE


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