It Was a Simple Invention Born Of Necessity

Our founder, Paul Sperry, was an avid sailor with a passion for discovery. He was an inventor and explorer. An independent spirit enamored with the power, freedom, and unlimited possibilities of the sea. He was faced with a real-life problem that stood in the way of his passion: How to maintain traction on a slippery […]


Sperry x Sneaker Freaker

We’ve been designing shoes to send to sea since our intrepid founder Paul Sperry designed his first pair of boat shoes in 1935. This season, we’ve partnered with the Australia-based magazine Sneaker Freaker to recap our 80+ year history.   “Every era has its share of pioneers and mavericks, but there are only a select […]


The Worlds First Boat Shoe

Sperry began in 1935 when sailor Paul Sperry nearly lost his life to a slippery deck. After observing his dog staying happily upright regardless of the slippery surface, Paul carved grooves on the rubber sole of his shoe, imitating the grooves on his dog’s paws – and the first boat shoe was born!     […]