Land, Air, and Sea: A Q+A with Slater Trout

Professional stand-up paddle boarder Slater Trout is best known for his skill on the water as a fierce competitor who’s been racing on SUPs around the globe for longer than nearly any other athlete in the sport. Born in Florida and raised in Hawaii, Trout took up paddleboarding at the age of 11 when the sport was […]


Horton Sets Sail

At Sperry, water’s our thing. In it, on it, near it — the calming, gloriousness of the ocean invigorates us. (You get it, right? The ocean. Nothing beats it.)   So when we heard about an Australian swimmer who dreams of competing on the water after winning an Olympic gold medal in it, we were […]


5 minutes with Mack Horton

We spent 5 minutes with Olympic gold medalist Mack Horton to find out a bit more about the Australian swimming champion and Sperry Ambassador.   How long have you been swimming: I’ve been swimming at a squad level since the age of 10   How did you first get into swimming: Weekly visits to the local pool with the […]