A day on the water with Fortem Watches


Recently we were lucky enough to spend a beautiful balmy Saturday at the Balmoral Beach Jetty with a team of creators that form the Fortem creative community.


On the waterfront is of course the natural environment for the world’s first boat shoe, so we were right at home
teaming up with Fortem Watch Company for their summer fashion shoot.


See below the out-takes and behind-the-scenes snaps of the perfect staple shoes for any summer wardrobe.


















































































Sperry was made for long summer days by the water. Enjoy!





Crest Vibe Creepers Linen Sneaker (white)
Crest Vibe Creepers Linen Sneaker (rose) 
7 Seas 3 Eye (white)
Authentic Original Vida Boat Shoe (Rose) 
Authentic Original Vida Boat Shoe (Grey) 
Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe (Sahara) 
Wahoo Lit Leather Sneaker (white)


Special thanks to the Fortem creative community for capturing the content and having us along to lend a hand in
the styling their summer shoot for their latest Ascension Collection including the Odyssey and the Endeavour


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